Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Westchester will do

Glen Island Park

Given that it was the start of the Labor Day Weekend, it was ironic that I didn't feel like traveling very far. So I went to Westchester. The key to a good geocaching trip in Westchester is to wait for an accumulation of geocaches around White Plains. It's not worth risking your life on the Tappan Zee Bridge for just one geocache, but if there are five or six then maybe. :)

I thought the weather was okay. It got hot in the afternoon but it wasn't overly humid. Most of the wooded areas I visited today were pretty nice and free from garbage. (except for the recliner and ladder I saw near one of the cache sites) This compares quite favorably to the broken-glass-strewn horrors I encountered in South Jersey. The only part of the trip I didn't like was near the Bronx-Westchester border. Driving there was more dangerous than I expected because of the busy roads and drivers who pull out of where they were double-parked without looking. Once I got onto the Bronx River Parkway though, it was smooth sailing all the way to White Plains.

After the last cache of the day, I met hikerguy1 & kitkat19 in the parking area of Graham Hills Park. I've visited some of their geocaches around Pleasantville and Tarrytown so it was good to finally see them.

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