Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Pompton and Pageantry

Elroy the Elk

This afternoon, I did a mascot gig with the Hi-4 group at the Pompton Day Festival in Pompton Lakes. There were only 3 of us at this gig: rapidtrabbit, Damian, and myself. It was pretty much the same arrangement as last year's Pompton Day. Our changing room was the Lakeside Middle School gym locker room. The festival area was Lakeside Avenue from Van Avenue to the bridge. I did the walk twice in costume: one long walk the whole way along the festival area and back, and one short walk (because it was almost closing time by then) halfway and back. I also did another walk in plain clothes before the gig started to get funnel cake and gyro in pita bread, and some of the freebies.

The crowd was okay. Probably just as big as last year's crowd. Great interaction with the kids. Some of the older kids were a little rough, although not in a mean way. The good news is the repairs I made to the costume over the last few weeks held up very well. Some of the older folks were fun too. The weather was a tad hot for an outdoor mascot gig, but it was better on my second round.

We had to vacate the school gym by 5pm, so that's when the gig ended. After that, I headed over to Morristown, Mendham, and Chester for geocaches. I didn't bring geocache information so I did those by searching for and retrieving the cache pages on my cell phone. For navigation, I used the Google Maps mobile app on my cell phone, plus whatever I could remember of the area and some trial and error. After sunset, I went to Baja Fresh in Hackensack to use my last $5-off coupon.


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