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Cameron County

Armstrong Middle School

This Where's George hit in the town of Emporium gave me a new county in Pennsylvania. I'm now only 3 counties away from Pennsylvania county bingo. Out of curiosity, I looked up Emporium, PA, in Google Maps. I'm not surprised it took this long to get a hit in that county. It's pretty far from the interstate highway and the main connectors are local numbered routes.

I went through my little collection of Where's George-related links and found this message on George Levels. It requires a login so I'll quote the message here:

Subject: What is your George Level? Posted by Guinness on February 23, 2001 at 13:48:19: I came up with these titles so that Georgers can know what "level" they have attained... and where to set their goals... fell free to manipulate, change or ignore these levels... I was bored. :)
0		Acolyte
1+		Neophyte
101+		Initiate
501+		Georger
1000+		Veteran
5000+		Master
10,000+		Grand Master
25,000+		Supreme Master
50,000+		Ultimate Georger
100,000+	Adam
Hope that worked... G

It's amusing that I'm an "Adam" now. :) Maybe the brackets need to be adjusted. There are now 66 Georgers with 6-figure bill counts. Back when that message was posted, I think there were only a few. (or maybe just one: Adam himself.)

Every evening, Pathmark of Ramsey puts all the leftover rotisserie chicken from their deli section up on sale. The discount appears to be 50% every time. So yesterday evening, I got a whole rotisserie chicken for $2.50. It's good for two meals. Add some veggies and fresh fruit and it's decent eating for not much money.
Tags: george level, pathmark, roasted chicken, where's george

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