Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bucks County again

Hot day. Moderately humid. There was rain but I seem to have missed it entirely. Went to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, although I actually made two stops in New Jersey for geocaches before I crossed over. The eastern portion of Bucks County is both good and bad. On the bad side, I stopped looking for one of the caches on my list and left the area because I came across human poop (the odor was unmistakable) in a park in Bristol. It wasn't deep in the woods or anything. It was in a fairly open area in the town park! Unbelievable.

The rest of the day went pretty well. I finally got around to doing some of the caches that were put out there last year. I'm surprised that "Brooke's Birthday Cache" and "Emily Robin's Cache" lasted as long as they did. Both were very short distances into the woods next to schools. Maybe it's the kind of community where kids don't vandalize lock 'n lock boxes that they come across by chance.

Dinner was at Red Robin in Langhorne since they sent a coupon for joining their mailing list and since it was on my way back home and since there was a cache not far away that I somehow missed on my previous trip. I had the BBQ chicken burger.

Tags: bucks county, geocaching, pennsylvania, red robin
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