Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

9/11, 6 years later

What about this dog?

I wasn't feeling so well last night. After dealing with the problem as best I could, I went back to sleep and actually had a dream about geocaching. You'd think I did enough of that over the weekend already but no. Anyway, in this dream, I finished every geocache in Westchester, including some on hills that never existed before. I was all ready to go home and log the geocaches online when I woke up. Well, darn!

I overslept and there was no time for breakfast, so I just brought the bag of breakfast cereal in to work to snack on. It was raining heavily this morning, a somber way to mark the 6th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy.

I wasn't writing this journal back then, so I can't go back to see what my thoughts were on that day itself. What I do remember is waking up just after the first tower was struck and wondering what on earth they were talking about on the radio. That day wasn't a very productive one because everyone was on edge, listening to news reports to find out what was happening. We had a half-day off from work.

Apparently, OBL is still out there and he updated his screed to lecture us on taxes and subprime mortgages. Well, looks like we can't let the stock market crash now or he'll give us the Nelson Muntz laugh.
Tags: 9/11, osama bin laden

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