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Wild West City appearance

Wild West City entrance

Did a mascot appearance with Rapid T. Rabbit and friends at Wild West City in Stanhope on Saturday. The group does this gig annually and it was my second time there. In attendance were rapidtrabbit, jbadger, Damian K., mejeep, pyro_demon_fox, and myself.

The group started a bit later than expected, so I had time to do 4 geocaches: 2 on the way to the general location and 2 more in Budd Lake. I was in the middle of the "Frog Bog" when I got a call from rapidtrabbit that the group was on their way to Wild West City, so I finished up and headed over to the WWC backdoor entrance.

Once again, our changing area was in the back of the barn. (I think we destroyed the illusion for a horse and two goats. :) ) The weather was not too hot and okay for fursuiting. There wasn't actually that big of a crowd because it's near the end of the season. We did some photoshoots and interacted with the kids and parents. Then we took a break for lunch in the saloon. (I had the fried chicken basket.) After lunch, we got back into our costumes and did more of the gig until closing time.

Dinner was at Chester Hills Diner, down US-206 in Chester. (I had a loin of pork dinner and part of the nachos that the group shared.) This diner has wi-fi internet, so I was able to use the Nokia 770 tablet to catch up with email. After that, I went with jbadger to the nearby Downtown/Main Street USA: Chester, NJ geocache. I'd already found it previously, so I just gave him the cache info from my cell phone.

Some pictures from the event:

Thanks to pyro_demon_fox for the fursuit photos.

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