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Friday Five and Friday Free


Used another birthday coupon this evening. I got a free slice of peanut butter crunch cake at Borders in Ramsey, or rather at their in-store coffee shop. This is actually very good and I could go for it, except that it is normally $3.50 per slice! Then again, I've seen more expensive cheesecake slices elsewhere.


1. When were you the coldest you've ever been?
A few winters ago. It was 3°F and I was out geocaching in the winter wonderland of South Jersey.

2. When were you the hottest you've ever been?
It has been 100°F here a couple of times before. Not this Summer though.

3. When were you the tiredest you've ever been?
Every Sunday night!

4. When were you the most stressed you've ever been?
I don't know. Probably after a work-related incident.

5. When were you the dirtiest you've ever been?
I think it was earlier this year in a swamp in Paramus, of all places. I stepped in a deeper part than I should have and was up to my thighs in the muck.

From fridayfiver:

1. Who do you look up to?
Extremely tall people.

2. What is the last thing you cleaned?
Microwave oven. I had a half-used paper napkin, so I figured what the hey?

3. Do you measure with a ruler or do you eyeball it?
Depends on whether the situation calls for an accurate measurement or not.

4. What do people compliment you on?
I get compliments?

5. What is behind you?
The back of the chair.

From thefridayfive:

1. Did you write a list to Santa when you were little? Do you write a Christmas present wish list now?
I did that a few times when I was little. I don't do that now. If I need something, I just go and buy it, preferably with Where's George dollars!

2. What are the top 10 things on your list this year?
No list, unless you count my Amazon wishlist, which for some reason still has a bunch of cell phone cigarette lighter adapters on it.

3. What are the three (or 1, 2, 4, 5) best presents you ever received as a child and why?
A stable household, an opportunity for a new life, and socks that don't have holes in them. (as opposed to the socks that I have now :) )

4. What are the top 5 movies you think everyone should see and why?
Money as Debt. I mentioned why in my previous post.
I would also link to the Dave Ramsey "Dumping Debt" series on Youtube, but I heard that it was an upload of copyrighted non-free material without permission.

5. Which comes first, success or happiness? Or, to think of it a different way, does happiness follow success or are you only successful when you acheive happiness? Are they even necessarily related?
Why not have both at the same time?

From Five on Friday:

1. What was your last blood pressure reading?
731... oh wait, that's the gold spot price.

2. Were you swayed by peer pressure as a teen? How does peer pressure influence you now?
I have peers?

3. Do you perform better or worse when under pressure?
Unbelievably worse.

4. How often do you have headaches? What do you do to relieve them?
Rarely. I go out and after one or two geocaches, I seem to forget about the headache.

5. Vanilla Ice sampled Queen's Under Pressure to create his big hit, Ice Ice Baby without giving the original artist proper credit. Have you ever been in a situation where credit was due and not given? How did it make you feel?
Yes, many times because people use photos without asking for permission. It's annoying.
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