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Northern NJ geocaching

Didn't go too far from home and went geocaching in Northern NJ today. Actually, there were three caches near Route 9W in Bergen County that I'd been saving for the morning before the Where's George meet. It was canceled but I went to find those caches anyway as I had no reason to save them now.

One good thing about the cold weather is nearly all bodies of water were frozen. I walked across streams, ponds and swamps today. In sneakers. And derived much amusement from that. One of the cache locations had a good view of the Hudson River and I saw that it too was frozen. Try to sail your tall ships there now! I wondered if it was possible to walk across the Hudson but you have to be careful with rivers. Flowing water may not freeze all the way down.

John George Bischoff (Smiley) was the first cache of the day. It's baseball themed. Not the first time this has happened but I arrived at the park before they opened the parking area so I had to park outside on the street and walk in. Other than that, it was a pretty straightforward cache. The big fallen tree is not another installment in The Flattening series. Thank goodness for that. :) Also congrats to Mike Riccobono for beating the floop, as he put it. :)

After that, I visited Lost In Space. Parked on the side of Route 9W and did a quick dash and grab.

And then it was time for No Bricks. Because the Palisades Parkway was in the way, I had to drive down a few miles to Exit 1 and then up the parkway to the parking area. Then it was an easy bag.

After that, I went West on I-80 to get to Bottom Of Lake Passaic - II. It's a swamp cache and normally the area would be quite waterlogged. Today, it was frozen solid and I went directly to the cache. Very easy.

Next was Bottom Of Lake Passaic - III, another swamp cache. Lots of water crossings but no problem today. All frozen and the swamp had no power to stop me!

Last of the day was Roaring Trucks. Walked the power line path. Crossed some fences. Went down a steep slope with lots of loose rocks. Found the cache and by sheer coincidence, that was when the cache owner came by to check on his cache!

Dinner was at Arby's in Watchung since it's near the last cache. And it also happens to be the closest Arby's restaurant to home at around 40 miles away. I like the Big Montana. Time will tell if overdosing on roast beef is fatal. :)


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