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Foxcroft Drive

Finished up in the Milford corner of Pike County today. Any geocache I couldn't or didn't want to do yesterday night was on the list for this afternoon.

I actually ran out of geocaches on my list before I ran out of daylight, so I used the cell phone to retrieve a listing for a nearby cache, which turned out to be "Pike County Park". ("nearby" in this area is over 4 miles away!) Then I used the Google Maps app to find out how to get there. This setup worked well enough, but I got a bit more than I bargained for. This county park turned out to be in a rustic area. Access to this park was via more than a mile of unpaved road!

After that, I went to the Apple Valley Restaurant and had fish and chips. It's only about average, which is actually what I anticipated, but I thought this restaurant was worth a try anyway. There aren't many dining choices in Milford on a Sunday night; it was either Apple Valley or the Milford Diner in town.

Then I did as the locals do and went to the Milford Wal-Mart. I needed a new rechargeable million-candlepower flashlight. The one I had wasn't recharging. However, when I brought the new flashlight home and plugged the new power adapter into the old flashlight, the old flashlight started recharging, which means the power adapter is the part that failed. So I have two flashlights now. I could use one while recharging the other, so that I always have a fully-charged flashlight.

I also had to get a new change purse because the lime green change purse was getting quite worn out. The only change purse in this Wal-Mart was a granny-style purse: fabric with a clasp. That's what my own grandmother used! So... maybe not. That was in the women's section though. The men's section had no change purses because a change purse is not regarded as a men's accessory. (a societal norm I never understood) Instead, this Wal-Mart carried only a bunch of wallets with big scary chains. Really. You could secure your bicycle with one of these wallet chains! I must've missed the memo when youth fashion changed so that the chains had to be really obvious.

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