Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Ruckman Park

In the afternoon, I went for the Hotwheels Hotel geocache. It was at Ruckman Park in Closter, and barely 200 feet from parking. Even so, I needed to wander around the wooded area a little to actually find the cache because it was not quite where the GPS zeroed out. Strangely, I was the first and only visitor to the cache today. Hmm... maybe the FTF-dash crowd is away or busy.

I think AAA discounts need to be marketed better. Dell had a 6% discount for AAA members but the offer expired 3 months ago and I never once heard about it. The only reason I noticed that was because the Dell-AAA discount still appears in the AAA website's outdated discount database. The best AAA discount I've found is still 30% off eyeglasses at Lenscrafters, Pearle, and Sears Optical. Unfortunately, I didn't know about that one until a few years after becoming an AAA member. However, buying eyeglasses online is potentially even cheaper. I noticed that Apple Valley Restaurant in Milford, PA, also has a AAA discount of 10%, an offer that wasn't indicated anywhere in the restaurant's signage or menu. I'm unlikely to go there again but it's worth remembering in case I do.
Tags: aaa, aaa discount, closter, geocaching
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