Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lawrenceville mascot gigs

Had two mascot gigs in Lawrenceville on Sunday. However, I knew no one else would make it there on time, so I did a geocache along the way. I went for Of Mind and Matter in Tamaques Park in Westfield. It was a tricky geocache, but once I saw the trick, I got it. While I was there, Bayonets4u and WRR entered the woods. It was a surprise to see two Long Island geocachers outside of Long Island!

The first gig was the Lawrenceville Harvest Festival. Changing area was in the township office. I got there first. Then jbadger got there and then we started the gig. It was a somewhat hotter day than it should be for October, but this gig was short.

Picked up rapidtrabbit at the train station and then we went to the second gig, the Lawrenceville Community Day event in Village Park. It was a street fair type of event but along a walking path in the park instead of on the street. Our changing area was in the utility closet.

After the two gigs, we went to Crystal Diner in Trenton for dinner. Met up with tonyringtail there.

Then on my way home at night, I got the Menlo Park Loop geocache. It was near the JFK Medical Center in Edison. I couldn't find parking earlier in the day, but at night, parking was no problem. Finding this geocache was also not a problem with a flashlight.
Tags: bayonets4u, fursuit, geocaching, lawrenceville, mascot gig, wrr

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