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Eisenhower Park

I thought the police sargeant would be out of office on Monday for Columbus Day but it's Tuesday and I still didn't get a callback from Haverstraw PD. I'm not particularly motivated to follow up either. After all, the note I got did emphasize the "Non-emergency" part. :)

I've been using Knotler for my shopping lists. No sign-up needed. Just name your list anything you like and use it on the web and on your mobile device. (if you have a data plan) Of course, that means anyone else can also visit your list's URL and add or delete items but I think in a grocery list, any resulting data loss is not worth the trouble of setting up a list password. I'll just not tell anyone what I named my shopping lists.

Last week was triple-coupon week at Pathmark. Like a desert bloom, it's a rare and beautiful thing. They usually only have double coupons. I did the grocery shopping in three stages. In the first stage, I went to Pathmark and casually browsed the aisles, looking at specials. Of course, I could have also read the supermarket flier but I have spatial memory and the process of walking around to each group of items helped me remember. In the second stage, I sorted out my coupons over dinner at Quiznos. I picked out the ones I was likely to use. Since Pathmark only tripled coupons up to 99 cents, I didn't bother with any coupons for a dollar and over. However, I did have quite a number of 75-cent coupons that were suddenly quite valuable. In the third stage, I went back to Pathmark and got everything I needed that was on sale and had a tripled coupon. I ended up with $48 of groceries and paid only $16.70 after coupons and discounts, saving almost two-thirds!
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