Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Brookdale Park

It was a rainy day, but I went to Brookdale Park in Bloomfield for the Buster's Spot geocache anyway. It rained on my way there and it rained on my way back. Fortunately, the rain actually stopped long enough while I was there for me to go and find the geocache. After that, I had a takeout spicy chicken sandwich and cajun fries from Popeye's in Paramus.

I made a list of geocaches in and around Waterbury for next week. While there are quite a number of geocaches there, they aren't as plentiful as they were in the Windsor area, where Furfright used to be held. As always, I'll see when I get there.

I got a new batch of postcards from the nearby Parkway Service Area for Postcrossing. I actually do not enjoy going there, so I bought 30 cards this time. That ought to last a while.

Also got the zipper grease today. Couldn't find that item at any of the craft stores in my area, so I ordered from an online store.
Tags: bloomfield, geocaching, popeyes, postcrossing, zipper grease
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