Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Autism Walk at Jones Beach

The main event today was a mascot gig at Jones Beach in Wantagh, Long Island, for the 8th Annual Long Island Walk Now for Autism. Did this gig with jbadger and rapidtrabbit. We had to be there by 8:30am to allow time for preparation but I started early enough that I had time to get the BK-6 Mmm, that smells good! geocache in Mineola along the way.

The Autism Walk was a big event with attendance in the five figures. (I heard there were 23,000 people.) Our changing area was in the West Bathhouse, which was some distance away from the event area so we were driven there and back (after getting into costume) by the Autism Speaks people. With such a large crowd, we were kept busy interacting with people and posing for photos. It was awesome. For breaks, we had a tent behind the stage. We also got to ride around in golf carts a few times, which was actually quite amusing, both to us and to everyone else.

The weather was perfect for fursuiting. It was sunny but a cool 60°F with lots of wind, so when I got out of fursuit at the end of the gig, I wasn't sweaty at all.

After the gig, jbadger and I had lunch at Long John Silver's in Melville. Then we went for the Electronic Hardware Stash geocache, which was only 0.29 of a mile behind the restaurant. (However, our approach was from the SUNY Farmingdale campus, not from the backyard of the restaurant.) We also did LLKD-40 Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference and two other quick geocaches in Smithtown and followed that with a visit to the Smithtown firehouse.

It looked like a good evening to go to Flushing Chinatown, so I had dinner at Sentosa: claypot noodles and oyster omelette. Unlike Penang, Sentosa served the claypot noodles in a real clay pot. So they win in authenticity.
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