Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Closter Horseman of the Apocalypse

Jones Beach

I pulled a muscle in my lower right leg, although I'm not sure when that happened. It was a bit sore. Nevertheless, I went for the 1776 New Jersey Part 2 The Closter Horseman geocache this afternoon. It was at the Lone Horseman monument in Closter. (The Lone Horseman, whose identity is not known, was the Paul Revere of Bergen County. On November 20, 1776, he rode his horse from Closter to Fort Lee to warn General Greene that the British were coming.)

On Friday, I left a third message with the Haverstraw Police Department. This time, I got one of the police officers on the line, gave him my contact info, and made sure he got everything down correctly. As of Monday night, I still haven't received a callback from the police sargeant who sent me the original note. Sometimes I wonder if my phone is broken. :) Meanwhile, the Admiral's Cove geocache, which was likely the problem, has been confirmed missing.

On a different note, the 10 Million Photos Flickr group just hit the 3-million mark tonight. Only 7 million more photos to go! I think it's the largest Flickr group in pool size but not in member count.
Tags: 10 million photos, closter, flickr, geocaching, haverstraw pd
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