Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bridge and Troll

New Bridge Landing

This afternoon's excursion was to the historic New Bridge Landing in River Edge for the 1776 New Jersey part 4 Bridge that saved a nation geocache. It was a pretty quick geocache, so after that, I went to the nearby Chinese supermarket to get some fried noodles for lunch. However, I ended up not consuming those noodles until dinnertime because there were leftover green-colored muffins at work.

I got a Postcrossing card from Australia today. The front of the card is nice set of cityscapes from Brisbane. As for the back of the card...

Back of Postcrossing card

Notice the part I circled in purple.

I've been trolled via postcard! Awesome! That's got to be a first. :) I guess the "/b/" is a reference to 4chan. I love how strangely out-of-place it looks compared to the congenial message above.
Tags: /b/, geocaching, new bridge landing, postcard, postcrossing, river edge, troll
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