Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Canal and Congers

Morris Canal Park

Quite a day indeed. Amidst preparations for the upcoming trip, two geocaches popped up nearby and I just had to do them.

The first was Morris Canal Park, which not surprisingly was located at Morris Canal Park in Clifton. The cache was located along the towpath. I met up with Weathernowcast in the parking area and thus I also got to log his travel bug.

I got back and wrote the log for the first geocache. Then I noticed that a new geocache, Congers Station, had just showed up in the listings. What the hey? I dashed out for that one. It was at Congers Station Park in Congers. After fumbling around in low light for a bit, I came up with the cache and got a FTF.

Then, since I was just up the road from Palisades Center, I went to the mall to for a few last-minute items and dinner.
Tags: clifton, congers, geocaching, palisades center, weathernowcast
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