Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FurFright Day 1 and 2

Early Friday morning, even though the weather was rainy, I had a hankering for a geocache. In the hotel lobby, I told Danruk and Wally Wabbit about my plans for the morning and we three went out to Cheshire Park in Cheshire for the Stop and Listen Again geocache. That was a bit of a walk on the trails but the cache was found within seconds once we got there. Very easy. Then we had breakfast at the nearby Paul's Restaurant and then visited the Barker Animation Museum. The museum was closed but we took a look at all the wooden cutouts of cartoon characters on the museum grounds and visited the animation cel store.

Back at the hotel, I went to the Opening Ceremonies. Then I got into fursuit for a bit and wandered around convention space for a while, getting into a bunch of impromptu photoshoots. Headed out for lunch in the rain and ended up at a hot dog stand off one of the Route 8 exits to the South. Got into a conversation with one of the locals and he told me when and where to photograph fall colors along the river. Unfortunately, I was a bit early for peak fall colors on this visit.

Got back to the hotel and a little while later, a large group of us gathered at the hotel lobby for Wally Wabbit's group dinner to American Steakhouse in Waterbury. With dinner, apparently, we got to go the salad bar as well. So it was quite a feast. I sat at a table with Cake, Roxikat, and Tony Ringtail.

Went back to the hotel and watched the Friday Furpocalypse, which was a couple of rounds of game show in the style of Family Feud and Match Game, hosted by Punk Tiger. Around that time, JBadger, who was my roommate for this con, arrived. Got him settled into the room. Then I changed into fursuit again for the Friday Dance. However, I stopped at around midnight when they switched the music over to techno.

Saturday morning, JBadger and I headed out for breakfast at Friendly's on Reidville Drive. Then we headed over to Cheshire for two geocaches, both in the same town park: The Rec and Drive In and Cache In. The latter was in a drive-in movie area that the town bought but hasn't yet converted into a proper park area.

When we got back to the hotel, we went to the Fursuit Performance panel. Then we changed into fursuit and got ready for the Fursuit Parade. The parade wound its way around the atrium, headed out the door, and ended outside the hotel for the big photoshoot. We're supposed to do another parade Sunday evening, so it'll be interesting to see how that works out.

After the parade, I went out with JBadger for lunch/dinner at Singo Sushi, a couple of roads away from the hotel. I ordered the sushi combo. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the order. It was a boat-load of sushi, literally! It was served in a wooden boat. After that, we headed over to Oakville to do a bunch of geocaches, all pretty close together: The Oakville Branch Cache, Guns of our Fathers #3, The Pin Shop, Echo Lake Cache.

Got back to the hotel and the Masquerade had already started. We watched it for a bit but it wasn't to our taste so we left and wandered around to a few room parties, including one that had a large quantity of cake, and also visited some friends at their rooms. Then we changed into our fursuits and went to the Saturday Dance. This evening, they played a bunch of 90s music, which reminded me of what was on the radio back when I was traveling to Albany Anthrocon. Ah, memories. While at the dance, I was given an invitation to another party. So JBadger and I went to check it out in fursuit. It was dark and crowded so we bid our farewells and I went back to the dance for a bit longer before retiring for the night.
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