Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FurFright Day 3 and After

Sunday morning, I got up a bit earlier and went to shy_matsi's breakfast social, which I do appreciate a lot because there wasn't time to go out for breakfast this morning. Then I went in fursuit to the ballroom to take part the Fursuit Games. We had a scooter race, a ball toss, a tandem relay race (fursuiters pair up and each pair has to carry a ball between bellies, without using hands, to the end of the ballroom and back), charades, and musical chairs. For charades, I got "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", which I thought would be pretty difficult. However, despite my clumsy attempt at miming a chainsaw and then miming lopping off the cameraman's head, someone from the audience actually guessed the exact phrase within a few seconds. That was amazing!

After the Fursuit Games, jbadger went to the Charity Auction, while I headed over to the Dealer's Room to get two costuming items that I'd only recently heard were available there. Then we went out for a late lunch at Blackie's, a hot dog and burger place just down the road from the hotel. There was actually quite a crowd there from the convention. After lunch, we went to the Cheshire/Southington area for more geocaches. I got two geocaches. However, I also drove jbadger over to a few other geocaches that I'd already found on Thursday because I knew those would be quick.

Returned to the hotel for Closing Ceremonies. Then we got into fursuit again to join the second Fursuit Parade. This one was shorter than the first parade. We did the same route from the ballroom to the atrium and then around the atrium. This time, we didn't end the parade outside. Instead, we just went back to the ballroom, where the post-con party was already in progress.

We didn't stay at the party though. After the photoshoot, we headed out for one last geocache and then dinner at 99 Restaurant in the Wal-Mart strip mall at Wolcott and Stillson. After dinner, jbadger went home while I went back to the hotel since I had the room until Monday morning. I thought about going to a party for which I had received an invitation card but I never made it there. I felt like lying down for a little while and the next thing I knew, it was morning. Oh well.

Monday morning, after packing and loading everything into the car, I checked out of the hotel and got my deposit back. Then I went to the Meat Sandwich Monarch for a quick breakfast since I still had a bunch of coupons from the coupon booklet that I found in my post office box a few weeks ago. I'd originally intended to go West to Hop Brook Park to pick up a few geocaches there, but I took a look at my pack of cache information and saw that there were still a bunch of good geocaches I hadn't yet visited in the Cheshire/Southington area. So I went and finished those.

Then I went South towards Hamden to pick up a bunch more geocaches along and near the Farmington Canal Greenway. By the end of that, I still had daylight but no more preloaded waypoints for geocaches in that direction. So I used my cell phone to get information for one last geocache near I-91. The problem was my cell phone had not been getting data service all weekend long. It was a blessing during the con because otherwise, I'd be engrossed with updating Twitter during the con instead of being sociable. However, it was a detriment while geocaching. Fortunately, while walking back along the Greenway from a geocache, I noticed that resetting the phone made data work again. So the phone was merely a bit flaky.

Since I was already near I-91, I decided to take I-91 and then I-95 home instead of going back the way I came. (On Thursday, I used I-684 and I-84 to get to Waterbury.) I noticed, from a billboard, that there was an American Steakhouse just off exit 42 on I-95. Since I had an extra coupon, that's where I had dinner. I recognized this area in West Haven because I'd previously been here for Arby's and Duchess. I didn't know about American Steakhouse back then so it was a good thing I attended wally_wabbit's group dinner on Friday.
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