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Yes, Virginia, there is a park here

Nevius Street Bridge

I never realized how many things I've been keeping up with until I went away for a couple of days and came back to a seemingly endless stream of stuff. Still catching up. Nevertheless, I went out this afternoon for the There Is A Park Here? geocache. It's in a neighborhood park in a built-up area of Saddle Brook. The park is surrounded on all sides by houses and commercial buildings and entry to the park is through a small grassy corridor. (unless you're good at squeezing between fences, in which case you can enter from the commercial parking lot too. It was a crafty cache hide but I saw it after staring at the jumble of branches and vines for a little while.

And now, a late set of Friday Fives on Wednesday:

From the altfriday5:

1. When you're feeling stuck on an issue in your life, do you prefer avoidance or immersion to deal with it?
Ideally immersion, but usually avoidance.

2. Do you like to talk to friends and/or loved ones about issues that are up in your life?
I prefer to write about those issues.

3. Do you have techniques that work best for dealing with this sort of thing?
Yes, I just stop going to certain geocaching events for a while. Time heals all wounds, but even if it doesn't, maybe certain people will forget about being annoying.

4. When you're working on something big, does it consume you to a degree that you can't think of anything else, or can you easily put it aside to focus on other things from time to time?
Uhh... did you say something? I was answering Friday Five!

5. Can you tell right away when you've reached resolution on an issue, or does it take a while to sink in that you've found your solution?
Depends on the issue. On some issues, I may never know.

From thefridayfive:

1. Name five favorite movies.
I've watched five movies?
1. The Matrix, but not the sequel and not the third one, which I didn't even watch because the second one wasn't satisfying.
2. Moonraker, one James Bond movie that was actually humorous.
3. ?
4. ??
5. Profit!

2. Name four areas of interest you became interested in after you were done with your formal education.
1. Fursuiting. I was interested in furry while in college but the costuming of it came afterwards.
2. Where's George. That started in 1999.
3. Geocaching, since 2001.
4. Personal finance / money management. I only started reading up on that after I started earning money.

3. Name three things you would change about this world.
1. End all fiat currencies.
2. Abolish central banking.
3. Allow large banks and hedge funds to fail when they get involved in stupid speculations.

4. Name two of your favorite childhood toys.
Lego and plush toys.

5. Name one person you could be handcuffed to for a full day.
Not possible. It may seem doable at first but eventually someone will have to use the restroom.

From fridayfiver:

1. What makes you feel exposed?
There was that one time when I was looking for a geocache on a traffic median.

2. What do you have to force yourself to do?
Answer Friday Five! :) Okay, okay... seriously, there are certain things that I don't like to do, such as cleaning the bathroom floor. Isn't there a Roomba for that yet?

3. Where do you like to spend your time outdoors?
Near geocaches, at least until I find them.

4. What surprises you?
The number of Friday Fives I'm answering tonight, and it's not even Friday!

5. Friday fill-in:
Late at night I'm ____.
... answering Friday Five.


1. What would be a good collective name for your family, as in "A _____ of Joneses?"
An enigma. Because we seem to do things that many people don't see the point of doing.

2. What would be a good collective name for your closest group of friends?
A menagerie.

3. What would be a good collective name for the stuff in your desk?
A mess. :)

4. What would be a good collective name for your next-door neighbors?
I don't see them most of the time, so can I call them an absence of next-door neighbors?

5. What would be a good collective name for the people in your line of work, as in "A _____ of accountants?"
A troop. Because we're codemonkeys.

From manonica:

1. Childhood ambition?
Answering Friday Five. Doesn't every kid dream about answering Friday Five when he or she grows up? No? Darn.

2. Fondest memory?
First trip to Virginia Beach. I had no idea I could eat that much fried fish in one week! That was also the trip when I got the unicorn costume and watched a very disturbing Jennifer Lopez movie.

3. Indulgence?
Spending too much time on Friday Five is a form of indulgence, I guess. :)

4. Last purchase?
A gallon of 1% milk. I always get that from the gas station near home so it was the last item I bought this evening.

5. Inspiration?
The act of inhalation of air into the lungs.
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