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Leonard J. Gordon Park

Yesterday afternoon, I visited the "Home" On The Range Jr. geocache. It's near the Home Depot in Riverdale. There was rain on my way there but the rain stopped long enough for me to take a walk from the Home Depot parking area to the geocache.

I would like to attend the Turn Back Time geocaching event in Philadelphia because it will be held from 1:30am to 2:30am the night we turn our clocks back an hour. So although it looks like an hour-long event, it is actually two hours long! Cool, right? The snag is I'd have to get a motel room in Northeast Philly because after 2:30am, I'll be in no condition to drive home. The cheapest motel in the area is $67.95 (before taxes) for that night and that motel is rated 1 star (which is terrible) at Expedia. Most other motels are $73 and up. (again, before taxes) So the cost makes it seem not worth doing. Too bad I can't get a deal the way I could in the Atlantic City area, where last year, I got a room for under $40 during the off-season.

Had a coupon, so I went to Quiznos in Ramsey this evening. I had a steakhouse beef dip, which was entertaining because of the dipping part. However, it ended up with all the meat falling into the dip. Hilarity ensued. Anyway, this is the first time I got to talk to the new Quiznos owner. He's not at the restaurant nearly as much as the previous owner, who was there practically every day. Funny thing is he already knew about my food photography.
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