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Cost considerations

McGrath Park

Since a base has been stolen in the World Series, this afternoon, you can get a free taco at Taco Bell. However, I won't be taking advantage of this offer. I'm not breaking my boycott of the Montvale Taco Bell for a free taco. Yelling at a customer has to carry long-term consequences. Think about it. If a restaurant manager treats you poorly and you go back the very next week, what is he going to learn? The next closest Taco Bell is the KFC/Taco Bell co-branded restaurant in Nanuet. That restaurant has had customer service problems too, but they did make up for it by sending a gift certificate so I should not have an issue with them any more. However, it is at such a distance where it's not worth going there just for a free taco.

Yesterday evening, I considered hopping over to Norwalk, CT, for the 'Last Mondays' Meet & Greet geocaching event. However, I took a closer look at the costs involved and decided against it:

Gas (90-mile round trip)$9.00
Tappan Zee Bridge toll$4.00
Buffet, including tax and tip$12.50

The upshot is, just for an evening out, it would cost over $25 and those are only the visible costs. I haven't included hidden costs such as automobile wear and tear, the risk of getting into a fender-bender in rush hour traffic, and the risk of falling into a fresh hole on the Tappan Zee Bridge. Now, I don't mean any insult to my geocaching friends in Connecticut by saying that their event isn't worth $25 but cost is a real consideration so I have to pick and choose the events I attend. Maybe next time.

So instead, I stayed home and prepared Asian pancakes with split pea soup for dipping. I've always wanted to do that for dinner. Of course, split pea soup is no substitute for curry but I made do with ingredients I had on hand. After that, I worked on photos from last weekend's trip to Connecticut. It was a much-needed quiet evening.
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