Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Like a Rock(land)

Suffern Free Library

I've uploaded my FurFright 2007 photos to Flickr. Funny thing is I actually have more photos of scenery and food from that weekend than con photos. My priorities are screwed up. :) Anyway, enjoy.

What's wrong with Rockland County? Geocache GC14J5Z has been waiting for a county park permit for over 3 months now. And I still haven't heard from Haverstraw PD after leaving them 3 messages a few weeks ago. Is it customary with officials in that county to just sit on requests and not respond to anything? While contemplating those issues, I went for the Seek & You Shall Find geocache this afternoon. It is behind the Suffern Free Library. It is actually a rather clever cache hide. However, when I pulled into the parking space, I noticed that someone from the library was checking on the geocache. Ha! Gotcha! So that was a dead giveaway. However, I've seen this kind of cache hiding technique before so I'd have found it quickly anyway, giveaway or no giveaway.

After the geocache, I needed to grab some lunch. Since I was passing by the Ramsey Pathmark on my way back, I decided to take a look at their salad bar. I'd never done that before because I usually go to Pathmark at night when they've put away their salad bar. Turns out, Pathmark's salad bar is cheaper than A&P's salad bar. No surprise there because Pathmark beats A&P on pricing in many items. What's amusing is the following: I noticed that the egg salad in Pathmark's deli case is $4.99/lb, but that same egg salad is also available in their salad bar for $3.99/lb. So why would anyone get the egg salad at the Pathmark deli? (The opposite is true at A&P where the egg salad in A&P's salad bar is more expensive than the same egg salad in A&P's deli. There, I usually get it at the deli.) Anyway, I just thought it was an odd pricing discrepancy. Now, if only I could buy egg salad at the salad bar and sell it to the deli. It'd be a neat arbitrage trade. :)
Tags: flickr, furfright, geocaching, haverstraw pd, pathmark, ramsey, rockland county, salad bar, suffern

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