Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bucks and Montgomery Counties, PA - Hit 23 geocaches and 1 deer

Just finished a phone call to GEICO to initiate a damage claim. Hit a deer in Bensalem on my way to the last geocache of the day. I hit the deer in the last place I would expect to hit a deer: in a strip mall! I guess the deer had just gotten some Star"buck"s and was running off to the woods. It ran across Horizon Blvd right in front of my car. There was no time at all to react. I slammed on the brakes and the deer went under the car.

Worse yet, the deer somehow damaged two vehicles. It took out the underneath protective cover on the front right side of my car. It also bashed in the left headlight of the car that happened to be next to mine at that moment. Yeah, it was a big deer. It was a gruesome scene because there I was, in a stopped car in the middle of the strip mall road with a moaning deer below. And boy, did it moan. Obviously, trying to move the car forward wouldn't help. The car couldn't move in that direction anyway with a deer stuck under the wheel. So I tried to back up a little and suddenly, the deer sprang up and was gone in a flash.

We got a police officer from Bensalem PD to do a report. I took a look at the damage. To my untrained eye, nothing seemed broken apart from that protective cover. No dent in front. There was, however, deer blood and hair on the bumper.

Anyway, aside from the deer incident, it was an above-average day of geocaching. In spite of the shorter daylight and in spite of spending too much time on a few 4-star and 3-star geocaches, I managed to find 23 geocaches. (which I'll log online later) Also tried a restaurant in the Oxford Valley area that I hadn't tried before and stocked up on Wawa iced tea.
Tags: bensalem, bucks county, collision, deer, deer damage, geico, geocaching, pennsylvania

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