Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island - 10 geocaches, 0 deer

Compared to the day before, it was a much less exciting day. I went to Long Island. The weather was mild at around 60°F most of the day.

The longest walk of the day was at the Levy Preserve because one of the two geocaches there was right at the end. Aside from that, everything else was pretty quick. Met up with Wanderer57 at "Rocky's House of Worship", so we did the next cache as a team. Then I met up with Clan Stipman at "Karate Cache", the last cache of the day. Fortunately, he had the special equipment (his kids!) needed to retrieve the cache. It was in a very tight spot.

Lunch was at the All-American Drive-In in Massapequa because I happened to be passing by there. For dinner, I went to Flushing, Queens, to take advantage of free parking Sundays.


Tangled Web (New Jersey)
Book Troll (New Jersey)
The Little Green Men - At the Beginning (New Jersey)
Don't Get MADD! (New Jersey)
Gas Saver I (Pennsylvania)
Neshaminy Creek Watershed (Pennsylvania)
Biltolast (Pennsylvania)
Geosense II (Pennsylvania)
Bag it (Pennsylvania)
Little box, big park (Pennsylvania)
Ducky's Kid Cache (Pennsylvania)
'Tweener (Pennsylvania)
Southampton Hangout (Pennsylvania)
Watching traffic (Pennsylvania)
Cache In The Park (Pennsylvania)
We don't need no education (Pennsylvania)
Paul Valley (Pennsylvania)
The down "lowe" (Pennsylvania)
Tet for tech (Pennsylvania)
Bîger The Lîon (Pennsylvania)
N8, Master of the Big Bite (Pennsylvania)
Lord McDoogle's Prize (Pennsylvania)
Bucks SBUX Neshaminy (Pennsylvania)


Mitchel Field History Tour - 7 (New York)
Mitchel Field History Tour - 8 (New York)
North Merrick Dairy (New York)
Merrick Camp Grounds (New York)
Camman's Pond Ducks (New York)
Norman J. Levy Preserve (New York)
BK-7 Terrapin Nesting Area (New York)
Meet Me At The Weir (New York)
Karate Cache (New York)

Tags: all-american drive-in, flushing, geocaching, long island
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