Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey, Bucks County, NE Philly

Cold day at around 40 to 45°F, but not intolerable. The weather forecast called for rain but it ended up just being cloudy.

Early in the day, I spent too much time on some geocaches involving longer walks. Those were worth doing, but I only had 7 finds when the sun set. Fortunately, there were 4 geocaches in Northeast Philadelphia that were doable at night.

Stepped on something disgusting that might have been left by a feral cat (or perhaps a feral human being) near one of the cache sites. It was dark so I didn't see it. Good thing the next cache site was near a Target store. I went in and washed my shoes in the restroom. I should've learnt my lesson from the poop episode in Bristol, but noooo.... I keep going back to that region.

Dinner was at Old Country Buffet in the Oxford Valley area. I've actually never been to that restaurant for dinner. It was interesting. I didn't eat that much by my usual buffet standards but I did try everything that looked interesting and I had enough fried fish and seafood patties to be satisfied. I also tried putting soft-serve ice cream in my coffee. I got the idea from someone else at the restaurant. That was the most creamy coffee I ever had! Also, I heard someone say "The cake is a lie" at the dessert table. Uh oh... video game catchphrases are leaking out into the real world! :)

Tags: bucks county, cake, central jersey, geocaching, ice cream, old country buffet, pennsylvania, philadelphia, poop, portal video game, target
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