Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

6947 down, 53 to go.

Another Long Island Sunday. I anticipated construction and a traffic backup on the George Washington Bridge, so instead, I went down through Westchester. As I did so, I listened the traffic report on the radio. Surprise! No traffic problems. Oh well. On the plus side, I did get two geocaches in Westchester along the way.

Despite the number of geocaches, I actually didn't go to very many parks. 3 of the geocaches were in Hempstead Lake State Park and 4 were in West Hills. The West Hills set was quite convenient because I only had to park in one place to access all 4.

I stopped geocaching before sunset this time, so I had a very early dinner in Flushing Center in Queens. I also made a quick side trip to see the Flushing Mall. I've been within a block of that mall a few times already but never went in until this evening. It has a collection of stores that one might consider quirky but are actually normal for Chinatown. Their food court is interesting too. On my next trip, I may try the octopus balls.

Tags: flushing, flushing mall, geocaching, long island
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