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Untermeyer Park: Eagle's Nest

I was planning to go to the This Little Piggy Went to Old Bridge geocaching event at Big Ed's BBQ in Old Bridge this evening, but I didn't make it. I hadn't gone more than 500 feet when I got stuck in a traffic jam. There was a bus accident blocking the road just outside of work. Funny. Usually, I'd be lucky to even see a bus on this road. After some time, I got around the accident site. A few miles down the Parkway, there was another traffic delay. By that time, it was late enough that I wouldn't make it to the event on time so I gave up. Instead of going to the event, I went to the Chinese supermarket for dinner and some Asian frozen food items and to Target for pants. I hope Friday is better.

Yesterday, after paying a bill in Mahwah, I went to Quiznos in Ramsey for lunch because I had a coupon. I had a turkey bacon club sub. I'm sorry to say this but I don't like the new manager as much as the previous one. Because I used a coupon on the sub, he told me that I could not add a side and a drink for $1.99. The previous manager never had a problem with that because, as he explained, the side and drink combo was itself a separate item on the cash register. The new manager thinks otherwise. It actually worked to his disadvantage because without the combo add-on, I ordered less and spent less. The second thing I noticed is he had a new rule that even though refills are free, taking your last refill out of the restaurant was an additional 80-cent charge. I haven't been doing that myself so it shouldn't be a big concern to me, but just seeing that notice posted on the soda dispenser was irksome. I deal fairly and I give my business to stores when appropriate, so I resent having petty restrictions shoved in my face. That kind of thing was what made me not go back to Quiznos in Hillsdale.
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