Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

On the Rebound


It was raining this afternoon, but still I went for the Rebound geocache. It was at the Demarest Nature Center in Demarest. The geocache was located a mere 400 feet from the Columbus Road trailhead, so I just dashed in to get it and didn't get too wet.

I heard a noise on the deer-damaged side of the car, so I had to stop to check it out. It was only a leaf stuck in a vent. Boy, even if it didn't do very much to the car, the deer sure turned me into a nervous wreck!

In the evening, I joined the group from work for dinner at Priya in Suffern. It's an Indian restaurant where I could've sworn I had a lunch buffet years ago because the place looks familiar. Anyway, we had a bunch of food, both spicy and not so spicy.
Tags: demarest, geocaching, priya, rain, work dinner

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