Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Temperature was in the 40s but it was a sunny day. Spent the day up in Kingston, NY. 9 of 13 geocaches I did today were in the Kingston area. The other 4 were on backroads I took starting from Newburgh because I just had to get those too.

I think it's only the 3rd time I've been up in Kingston, so I still wasn't very good at finding my way around the roads there. I made too many wrong turns at tricky intersections and worse yet, some of those wrong turns were onto roads where I couldn't turn around until I was a mile away! Now I know how people feel when they drive in North Jersey for the first time. :)

On my previous trips to Kingston, I remember having trouble finding a place for dinner after geocaching. Well, that's not a problem any more. The 3rd last cache was in a shopping area with many dining choices. After that cache, I did the last two caches in the dark. (and, due to their locations, I was lucky to find them without too much trouble) Then I went back to the shopping area and had dinner at Arby's. Since this Arby's has the Pick 5 deal, that's what I got. They added a new wrinkle though: on the cash register display, a menu pops up offering an extra item for rounding up the total to the next dollar. I thought that was an interesting way for the restaurant to upsell your fast food order. It forces the customer to make a decision on the spot as to whether the extra item is worth getting. Anyway, my total was $6.43, so I got more curly fries for an additional 57 cents.

Tags: arby's, geocaching, kingston, upstate new york

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