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Stillwell Woods

Went to Long Island today. I did two geocaches in the New Hyde Park area. Then, for the remaining 6 geocaches, I went to Stillwell Woods in Woodbury. I hadn't been into Stillwell Woods in quite a while because every time I went there, the parking lot was full because of soccer practice. There was soccer practice going on today too but the parking lot wasn't full, so I went ahead and did the two-mile hike around the park to get those 6 geocaches. I thought it was a bit too cold today for a long walk but once I started walking, I warmed up pretty quickly and then I was fine.

Didn't go to Flushing Chinatown this evening because I was there the previous two weekends and wanted to give it a rest. So I had an early dinner at LJS in Melville. Fried fish, just like old times.

Here's yet another reason why I long for self-serve gas stations in New Jersey: Some pump attendants now want to be tipped. What I noticed when I pay in cash is they would pump the gas to an odd amount. Then when I pay, they would refuse to give me change, counting on the fact that it was not worth the time and bother for me to call the police to make them surrender the change. Of course, that ploy only worked twice. After that, I started just giving them exact change from my bucket of change. This evening, I knew that the shifty character manning the gas pumps at the Delta gas station in Paramus was going to try that trick because he pumped in $13.25 worth of gas. No problem. I just gave him 13 singles and a quarter. But then he held out his hand and asked for an extra dollar as a tip. Oh, such audacity.

The thing is it is not customary (yet) to tip pump attendants for pumping gas. So tipping should be reserved for extraordinary service. Was his service extraordinary? He didn't clean my windshield. He didn't check the engine oil. So I'd say his service was quite ordinary and that he had the nerve to ask for a tip on top of that made his service decidedly subpar. So of course I didn't give him the extra dollar. I've got to move to a state with self-serve gas before pump attendants drive me nuts.

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