Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey - Burlington side

Thomas Paine sculpture

Sunny day but colder than yesterday. I didn't look at the thermometer during the day but it started out at 36°F and I'm sure it ended up around that temperature too.

Met two geocachers today. At the first cache of the day, "Freedom's Way" in Liberty State Park, I ran into bluespike from Massachusetts, who had already begun the search. Good thing he was there to help with the search because the coordinates were inaccurate. The cache was actually 180 feet from where our GPSes pointed. Later in the day, I met Zapp at "What a Paine" in Bordentown.

I was only able to do 8 geocaches before darkness fell, so I picked 5 more geocaches that were doable at night and that was that. Dinner was at the Marlton Wawa store, which was only about a quarter of a mile from "don't feel well? stop here". On my way back, I did the only shopping I would do on this Black Friday. I went to the West Windsor Walmart. (aka Valley of Death II) By that time, I knew that my chances of getting any of the Black Friday specials were slim or none, and "slim" had already hopped on the train and left town. However, I was able to get a pair of boots.

6995 down, 5 to go.

Tags: burlington, geocaching, south jersey

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