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Hofstra Park - Tiki Man

Another sunny day. About 40°F or thereabouts. This afternoon, I went to Hofstra Park in Prospect Park (NJ, not Brooklyn) for games cache. When I first saw this puzzle cache, I had no idea what it was about so I set it aside. Yesterday, I realized that it's actually not a puzzle. I tried some numbers in Geochecker and those worked so I went for it today. What's strange about this park is there appears to be a homeless camp at the trailhead. The trailhead itself is rather trashed up, although I did see an interesting tiki man carving. Once past that trailhead, the rest of the wooded area is pretty normal and I found the geocache easily.

Pathmark is rather light on specials this week, so I went to A&P to use my coupons on their canned soup special. While there, I took a look at their other specials and got $40.43 worth of groceries for $13.70! I'd been saving grocery coupons for two months, so they never stood a chance. That should take care of food for another week and a half. (or longer)

While on the subject of coupons, I recently received a bunch of Lenovo ThinkPad coupon codes that can be stacked for a 50% discount. (Depending on the model. Some are discounted a bit less than that.) So over the past few days, I've been going onto the Lenovo website to price some ThinkPad configurations and I've been writing about that experience on Twitter and in some Livejournal comments. It's not as big a deal as it might seem though. The base price is rather high, so even after applying all the codes, the configuration I want will still be around $800, which isn't much lower than comparable configurations from Dell or HP. Also, it appears that some resellers offer discounted ThinkPad pricing too so again, it's not as big a discount as it might seem at first. I may get one anyway. I have two weeks to decide before the coupon codes expire and I'll use that time to compare and evaluate.
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