Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

PBCD Montville/Denville and West

When I started out this morning, the temperature was 36°F. Then it went down to 30°F and then 27°F, and then it got a little cold. Funny thing is I just got a new jacket at Ye Olde Discount Clothing Store the night before so I've already put it to the test. It was the only jacket in the store in size 2XL. I always get jackets and overcoats at least one size larger than I need because I'm likely to wear those over other winter clothing. In the northeast, where the temperature can vary greatly throughout the day, I can adjust by adding/removing layers of clothing.

Today's trip was to Western NJ, not very far away. I started with some geocaches in Montville and Denville. Ran into Vanm on the beach trail at "Turkey Tree 11". Then I continued going West, ending with one last geocache in Budd Lake. That last cache put me in a strip mall where there was a store called Tuesday Morning. Since it was actually Saturday evening at the time, I was wondering if I should go in at all. But I was curious. It's a discount store. From what I saw, not all the discounts were that good. However, in the plush toy section, I found Domino the Dalmatian. He had no tag so I brought him to the register for a price check. The cashier checked the database and it turns out that he was a closeout special. A secret closeout special even, as the price tag had fallen off. I shouldn't be getting any more plush toys because I already have enough -- the last addition was a small horse from Wild West City's claw machine -- but this one was too good to pass up. So I'll make room. :)

For dinner, I intended to get another footlong special at Subway in Ramsey but I was thwarted by the town's closing its Main Street for a night event. Maybe I should try to get on the Ramsey mailing list to be forewarned of such events. After all, I go there often enough!

Tags: cold weather, dalmatian, domino, geocaching, jacket, plush toy, tuesday morning, vanm, western nj

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