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Long Island, Snow, UCPN Breakfast with Santa, PSC-7K

Woke up early Sunday morning to head out to the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale to do a mascot gig with the Hi-4 group at the UCPN Breakfast with Santa event. It was snowing that morning and all the roads were covered in snow. However, it wasn't that bad until I got to Nassau County, where some of the roads hadn't seen any snow plow action since the snowfall began. Everyone was just driving on top of the snow. When someone tried to make a turn on Shelter Rock Road, he lost traction and his car spun around. Fortunately, there was enough room on that road so he didn't hit anything. I only had to wait for him to straighten his car out and then we got going again, more carefully this time.

Everyone was a little late because of the weather. When I arrived at the hotel, we were just getting ready. So I changed into costume and joined in. Also present for this gig were Damian K., wildw0lf, orion_j, foxwell, and rapidtrabbit. In addition, there were a bunch of other characters (Elmo, Simba, Snow White, Barney) from another group and Santa too. I thought it was a fun gig. Posed for photos with lots of kids and parents. Then we joined in the dance in the center of the ballroom. Since it was a breakfast event, there was a catered breakfast in the ballroom too. While still in costume, I did the "doggy stealing bagels" routine and brought those to the green room.

After the event, I remained on Long Island, while the rest of the Hi-4 group went to their second event of the day in Lawrenceville. First, I went to Seaford Snapper Spot in Seaford. I saw lots of shoe prints around the 3 most likely cache spots so finding the cache was just a matter of poking at the snow at those spots with my walking stick.

Then I called Team WiiRule and joined them at the PSC-7K: Don't Get Mad...Get Floopy! geocache site. It was a quick find, which was a good thing because in the 27°F weather, we were becoming popsicles. Then I joined the WiiRule family for lunch, which was their treat. My first choice was Checkers because I've hardly ever been to that fast food chain. But since Checkers doesn't have indoor seating, we decided it would not be a good idea to eat there on a cold day. So instead, we went to Taco Bell, also a fast food to which I haven't been very often, which was just across the road from there.

After that, I picked up 2 more geocaches, RPA-52 Thank You Telephonics! and Take Me Out To The Ball Park, before heading home.

Photos from UCPN Breakfast with Santa event:

Thanks to orion_j for the photography. Lots of good shots in the set.
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