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Joseph F. Raso Park

Dental appointment yesterday evening. No bleeding, no cavities, no problems. Had to get some X-rays this time. I noticed that the X-rays were digital images that came up almost right away on the monitor, so I asked the dentist if he could email those to me. After all, those images have to be somewhere on his hard disk and he does somehow send out those images sometimes when he refers patients to specialists. We shall see.

This afternoon, I went to the Nyack - Old School geocache in... where else? Nyack. It was in Joseph F. Raso Park next to the hospital. Parking was on the street. This is one of the few times when I parallel-parked perfectly. I did it in one try and both front and back wheels were straight and a mere inch from the curb. I cannot count all those times I parallel-parked in Ramsey because that town actually added spacers between every pair of parking spaces to help people like me park.

I got out of the car and was heading towards the cache site when some guy asked if I had jumper cables. He happened to be parked right next to the cache site too. Well, it was his lucky day. I went back to my car, took out the portable jump-start battery system, and carried it to his car. The funny thing is ever since I got that jump-start system, I've only used it on other people's cars. But I guess it's nice to have one of those devices to help others too. So we hooked up his car to the battery. The first few attempts at starting the car were not successful. Then I figured the connection may be bad so I adjusted the clip slightly. Then his car started up nicely. He was relieved and grateful because as he told me, he had been stuck there for quite a while.

Of course, then I went and found the geocache. Really easy. After that, I went to Quiznos in Nyack (along Route 59) for a honey bourbon chicken sub. What's nice about this Quiznos is it doesn't yet have one of those stickers on the soda dispenser saying that you have to pay for drink refills. On the other hand, I noticed that only those Quiznos I frequented started having the annoying stickers, which ought to tell me something. Okay, from now on, I'll stop at the 3rd refill. :)
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