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Small Gusts of Change

Logged a lion this afternoon. Yes, I know it's only a locationless cache but I felt like doing that and I see this lion sculpture every day on the way to work.

Now you too can own a piece of

What? Out In
Park Ridge Burger King Crispy Tacos
Aw, nuts! I liked those.
They're just gone.
Spyware Killer Ad-Aware.
Hasn't updated spyware data in months.
Spybot Search & Destroy
Fast scan. Works well. Free.
Web Browser Opera 7 Beta 2
Beta 2 crashed within 5 minutes.
Opera 7 Final
Final looks a lot more solid. And it does appear to be very fast.
Radio WNEW 102.7
Looks like they fired all the hosts again.
New format.
Who knows? Lots of speculation here.
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