Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Sleep In

Sheepshead Bay

Stayed at home today, except for a quick run to Pathmark in the afternoon to get a few minor supplies and the Sunday paper. I needed to get everything ready and pack for two upcoming trips. Those are back-to-back so I knew I wouldn't have time to pack for the second one after coming home from the first. Also did some minor cleaning and tidying around the home.

I was surprised that the Ramsey Pathmark wasn't crowded at all on a Sunday afternoon. I thought that was the peak time for grocery shopping. If they aren't busy on weekdays and if they aren't busy on weekends, then I would worry that this particular store will be shut down after the A&P-Pathmark merger.

And finally, I was reviewing yesterday's geocaches when I noticed on this cache page that NYC Park Rangers do go geocaching too. Now, one may argue that park rangers shouldn't be playing games while on the taxpayer's dime, but I think this is far less destructive than what they've been doing in other counties: requiring lengthy permit application processes and confiscating caches outright. Also, from his geocaching profile, it sounds like he'll help integrate this activity into NYC Park's programming.
Tags: nyc parks, pathmark

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