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Delaware Trip

So far, it has been a good two days in Newark, Delaware. Started out early (well, earlier than usual anyway) Wednesday morning. Did some geocaches in New Jersey along the way. Ran into IMSpider at the first cache of the day in Central Jersey, but didn't meet any other geocachers the rest of the day. I actually wasn't fully prepared for this trip, so when I got to Pennsville, I didn't have info on new geocaches in and around that town. Fortunately, cell phone queries worked very well there. Crossed over the Delaware Memorial Bridge and did a lot more geocaches after dusk. That's the neat thing about this part of Delaware: so many geocaches are in areas that are okay to visit at night. Had to remind myself to leave some geocaches for the next day, so I stopped at 23 caches, got some Wawa food (from the Wawa store just down the road from the hotel), and went to the hotel.

Thursday was a rainy day, so I did mostly quick geocaches. Started in the Glasgow area and moved westwards to Elkton, Maryland. Then I went way over to the east to Newport/Wilmington. Once again, that's an area I had not prepared cache info for, so I did more cell phone lookups. Then in the evening, I went to the Santa likes Italian, too geocaching event, which was the main reason for the trip. It was at Cafe Napoli in Wilmington. We got a whole room to ourselves for the event. I ordered the baked ziti, which was a bigger pasta dish than I expected, so I still have the leftovers in a carryout container.

After dinner, we all went to a cache that had been placed for the event. It was in a park in the neighborhood just behind the strip mall. That was a fun group hunt in the dark, although a tad messy because the ground was wet from the rain and the cache was by the creek. That concluded a second 23-cache day.


Black Hole Part Deux (New Jersey)
Hickory Dickory Dock--- (New Jersey)
Obvious (New Jersey)
Cath's Soccer Cache (New Jersey)
PVOYR (New Jersey)
Pine Island Meadows (New Jersey)
Where's the Bamboo (New Jersey)
Muddy River (New Jersey)
SJG - Tom's PPPPPPPPP Seed Pod Cache (New Jersey)
Knot Quite dead (but close) (New Jersey)
Escape from Pea Patch Island (New Jersey)
141 Runoff (Delaware)
Always Centerville Road (Delaware)
Why is Harry Happy? (Delaware)
Why is Harry Happy? #4 (Delaware)
DE-Honey-Do Hubbies Chores #2 (Delaware)
Why is Harry Happy? #2 (Delaware)
DE-sperate Housewives #18 - Decorate the Tree (Delaware)
DE-Honey-Do Hubbies Chores (Delaware)
De-sperate Housewives #17 - Painting The House (Delaware)
To be a Thespian (Delaware)
Freegans' Treasure (Delaware)
Running in the Hall (Delaware)


Pencader -Delaware C.A.C.H.E.-Hundred (Delaware)
MicroFox (Delaware)
That's A Lot Of Garbage (Delaware)
I Still Luv Lattes (Delaware)
Peoples Break (Delaware)
Itzayellatube! (Delaware)
Always #20 (Maryland)
Corner O' the Store Empty (Maryland)
Don't Forget To Turn Off The Lights (Maryland)
Off your Rocker #109 (Maryland)
Which Way Two? (Delaware)
Stop In (Delaware)
Airport Speedway (Delaware)
Commons Cache (Delaware)
New Castle Chandlery (Delaware)
Hoppin away in Margaritaville (Delaware)
Here's to 40 (Delaware)
Sears' Seepod (Delaware)
C3H6O3 (Delaware)
Decontaminating I-95 (Delaware)
De-Honey-Do Hubbies Chores v.3. Fluffy's Revenge (Delaware)
Santa likes Italian, too. (Delaware)

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