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Return from Delaware and then Fursuit Bowling in Connecticut

Friday was my last day in northern Delaware. After having the complimentary breakfast and checking out of the hotel, I went for one last round of geocaching. Since the weather was good, I threw in a bunch of geocaches that involved a bit of a walk. Nothing terribly unusual except for the bright pink ammo can at "Pretty In Pink". After the 12th cache of the day, I started getting tired so I finished up with a few easy ones and then headed over to the Arby's in Wilmington that I saw on my first evening here to have a Pick 5 before the long drive home. Also made a stop at Wawa in Swedesboro to stock up on chocolate milk.

The next day was a trip to Connecticut for a fursuit bowling event put together by wally_wabbit. I'd already packed what I needed for that trip before heading out to Delaware, so it was just a matter of swapping one set of luggage in the car for another set. Did a bunch of geocaches along the way, of course. While I was in Delaware, the northeast apparently got some snow. A few inches to half a foot maybe. However, I did get lucky poking at the snow with my hiking pole. I found two caches right away even though they were completed covered by snow. I also took a brief look at Holy Land, an abandoned tourist attraction that I missed on my previous visit to Waterbury. There is now a cache just downhill from that place, so I figured why not take a few minutes to see what it looks like? I didn't think it was legal to enter though so I only went up to the gate.

After that, I went to Highland Bowl in Cheshire. I was actually the first one there, so I waited inside for the group. Our bowling time was scheduled for 3pm, so we had time for a brief visit to the Barker Cartoon Museum, just across the road. Of the items on display, I thought the jelly glasses were interesting because I collected those myself and still have them. Also good to know they're worth a few dollars each, which, while not much, is better than the zero I thought they were worth.

Went back to the bowling alley and it was time to change into costume. That was when I discovered that our changing area was the restroom, which presented some difficulties because it was a tight space. After thinking it over for a bit, my solution was to drive to the rear parking lot, change there, leave my stuff in the car, and walk back to the front in costume. Changing in 30-degree weather was certainly a novel experience! (and cold too!)

Returned to the bowling alley and got into the game. Also playing were wally_wabbit, foxwell, rapidtrabbit, coyoty, wildw0lf, and a few others. My bowling ability is lousy, worse still in costume, although I did get all 10 pins once. Still, it was fun to do whether or not I hit anything. We had pizza and soda from the bowling alley's cafe. During the game, we got roped into a kid's birthday party at the other end of the bowling alley for pictures and giggles. It was a neat surprise for them because they thought it was just going to be a regular bowling alley birthday party. :)

After the bowling event, I took a walk back to the rear parking lot and changed there. (COLD!) The rest of the group had after-event plans, but I opted not to follow them. Instead, I went for a few geocaches in Wallingford and then had dinner at American Steakhouse in West Haven. (a quiet evening with their super salad bar :) )

Some photos from the bowling event:

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