Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware Round 2: Day 2

Fox Run

Good weather today. Sunny and a bit over 40°F. After the motel breakfast, my first stop of the day was Glasgow Park, just 3 miles to the South. There were 6 geocaches in that park! 5 of those were classic hides: regular-sized caches under piles of sticks. I appreciate the simplicity because there are too many tricky microcaches nowadays.

After that, I went to various parks with one or two geocaches in each park. I knew the Christiana Mall area would be congested so I avoided that, except for a quick in-and-out for "Junkies Cache". I figured it wouldn't take too long even with traffic since I didn't need to make a left turn for that one.

Went back to the motel to rest for a bit. For dinner, I headed out to Old Country Buffet at Centre Pointe Plaza for fried fish and a few other things. I looked up the address on the restaurant chain's website but I'm surprised I didn't already know this place from last year. There was a geocache just diagonally across the intersection.

Tags: delaware, geocaching, old country buffet
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