Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Back from Delaware


Sunday was a rainy day, although the temperature got as high as 63°F. After having the motel breakfast, I repacked everything back into the car. Then I went a bit south to see which geocaches were doable in the rain. Did some that were short walks and some that were roadside. Only slipped and fell on the mud twice. By around 4pm, the rain got heavy enough that I skipped everything else on my list, except for one rest stop geocache along I-95 in Chichester, Pennsylvania. Stopped at Wawa in Florence on my way back. I was amazed at what they did to the store. It's twice as big as it used to be and a lot more spacious on the inside. The parking area is also a lot bigger now, especially around the back. I've been to that Wawa store often enough, so I wonder how they snuck in a renovation without my noticing.

Kept things simple on Monday. I went only to Rockaway and Randolph in Morris County. In Randolph, I did the WWII Seaplanes series of geocaches. (4 regular caches and 1 mystery cache using coordinates found in the regular caches) There was still snow and ice on the trails in Randolph. Ugh. I miss Delaware already. In the evening, I went to the Chinese supermarket in East Hanover to stock up on Asian pancakes. Then I got some food at Taco Bell in East Hanover because most places had already closed early for Christmas Eve.

Tags: delaware, geocaching, morris county, wawa
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