Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Queens/Brooklyn and Fursuit Portrait Session 1

Went to earlyadopter_j's art studio this afternoon. Found 4 geocaches along the way. I did that by getting off the highway in Astoria and heading generally southwards, crossing over to Brooklyn via the Pulaski Bridge. In order, I visited East Channel Micro, Rainey Park, Whale Creek, and From industry to playground-Greenpoint. I didn't have as much trouble parking near each geocache site as I thought I would. Then again, those parks are not near shopping areas, which may have helped. I didn't understand this street sign in Greenpoint. However, on closer inspection of the photo, I see that the "Me Tira Daqui" sign was bolted on top of a parking restriction sign, so it's a prank.

Got a light lunch from Fresco Tortillas, an unusual Chinese-operated taco place. Then I went to visit Jay at his studio, which was in a warehouse-like area at the end of a street. Haven't been there before so it was interesting. We shared space with a troupe of German girls rehearsing a dance with fish. (I'm not making this up!) After stretching the canvas onto the frame, Jay was ready to begin. I changed into fursuit, sat on a stool, and posed with Plush Husky to make it a 2-character portrait. Funny thing is sitting still can become the hardest thing to do after a while. Anyway, here's what we have after the first session:

After that, we went to nearby Tai Thai for dinner. I'm surprised at the bad reviews the restaurant has gotten, as I thought the food was okay as far as Thai restaurants go. The only thing I wasn't fond of was the candlelit ambience. I need more light to take food photos. :)
Tags: brooklyn, fursuit portrait, geocaching, greenpoint, me tira daqui

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