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This completes the month! I've written at least one entry for each day of the month. (If it seems like some days are missing, those would be the friends-only entries.) I probably will not do that again because there were some days when I really had nothing worth noting and had to come up with some interesting projects. :)

Picked up a small bottle of Visaclean eyeglass cleaner from a cache a while back and only just tried it today. It looked like spit when I sprayed a little on the lens but it worked pretty well. Yes, that should be their ad slogan. Visaclean, works better than spit!

January Recap

The month began with the car in the shop for an engine rebuild. It was burning oil but rather than buy a new car, I paid the two grand to keep it running. It was shaping up to be a spendy month. :)

Purchased a paid account for one year only to buy a permanent account two weeks later. Like I said, spendy. :)

Changed cell phones. Spen... never mind. That was actually a cost-saving measure.

January was also a cold month with temperatures below freezing all day long for most of the month. That didn't stop me from bagging 56 geocaches, although one geocacher I met wondered aloud what we were all doing out there.

Finally got 50-state bingo at Where's George. That would be a hit in every state. The last state was South Dakota.

Project Dolphin ended.

And hundreds of other stuff. Just look at the calendar. :)
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