Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

New Year's Day - Fursuit Portrait 2nd Session

It was raining so I didn't go out this morning. Instead, I caught up with some Where's George stuff. Then I headed over to the Greenpoint area in Brooklyn. Traffic was very light because of the New Year's Day holiday. Just like I did two days ago, I got a taco and chicken nachos from Fresco Tortillas. I don't know why but I just like the quirky taco place that looks like a Chinese takeout and they were one of the few places open on this holiday.

Then I met up with earlyadopter_j and went to the art studio for the second portrait-painting session. I think the end result from this session looks nearly complete. We'll do another session next weekend to add the finishing touches.

After that, Jay and I went to Teddy's Bar on 8th and Berry for dinner. Jay's girlfriend joined us there. We shared a seafood appetizer and I got the sausage sampler platter.

I figured driving around and parking wouldn't be as much of a problem as usual because of the holiday. So after dinner, I hopped over to Woodside, Queens, to do these two geocaches: Woodside, The Center of it All! and WRR3K "Loneliest Park in Queens". Both were findable at night. There were more geocaches not far away that were potentially doable at night but I saved them for the next trip.
Tags: brooklyn, fursuit portrait, geocaching, greenpoint, new year, queens
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