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Laptop Handoff

Newtown Creek Nature Trail

Arranged a little meetup and gave away the old laptop computer this afternoon. Also threw in the laptop case because I wasn't using that any more either. A backpack-style laptop bag is better because it's less obvious to would-be thieves that the bag contains a laptop.

Thanks to Lumacafi for translating the Me Tira Daqui sign that I saw in Brooklyn last weekend. It is in Brazilian Portuguese (Until today, I wasn't aware that Brazilian Portuguese was different from European Portuguese.) and it means "get me out of here". So, if there was any doubt before, the sign is a prank.

Ran some errands in Ramsey this evening. It's only 4 days into the new year and I've already received coupons through email and postal mail from Subway, Staples, Burger King, and CVS. (however, CVS always has coupons so it's not really worth noting) I used the Subway coupon on a black forest ham footlong sub. The Ramsey Subway restaurant has water problems today so their restrooms and soda fountain are out of order. Hope they washed their hands next door.

From the altfriday5:

1. Are you more often the instigator or target of sexual advances? (With new people, not within an existing relationship.)
I was the instigator or target of sexual advances?

2. When people approach you romantically, are you more inclined to accept subtle advances or direct ones?
People approach me romantically? I think direct would be better. I don't handle subtlety well.

3. When you make sexual advances to someone else, are they more often direct or subtle?
I made sexual advances to someone else?

4. Which type of approach have you found to be more successful?

5. Why do you think that is?

From fridayfiver:

1. What's your favorite shape?
A 50-cal ammo can shape that is easy to find.

2. Who is the craziest person you know?
In what sense of the word crazy? I know some crazy people. A few don't even know they're crazy, which may be the craziest of all.

3. Sweet, salty or savory?
Aren't salty and savory the same?

4. Best ice cream topping?
Fried fish!
Or pecans.

5. Do you ride horses?

From Five on Friday:

1. Do you make New Year's resolutions or personal goals?
I have goals all the time, not just for the New Year.

2. Have you ever kept a New Year's resolution? Achieved a personal goal?
Yes. I've already achieved two goals this year.

3. What things are you always resolving to do but never actually do?
Move to a place with no sales taxes and 60°F weather all year round.

4. Why do you think most people fail to uphold their New Year's resolutions?
Because those resolutions are too hard. If you resolve to gain weight instead of lose weight, it'll be easier to do.

5. Share the thing you most want to do this year and describe five steps you will take to make it happen.

Move to a place with no sales taxes and 60°F weather all year round.
1. Find a place with no sales taxes.
2. Make sure it has 60°F weather.
3. All year round!
4. Look at the real estate market there.
5. Learn about any laws concerning U-turns there because I do quite enough of those while geocaching!

Uh oh... I ran out of steps!

From thefridayfive:

1. When did you "lose your innocence"?
I didn't. I still think the Federal Reserve is an honorable and constitutionally lawful institution.

Okay, once again, my attempt at sarcasm has failed. :)

2. Would you say you have an accent?
Yes. Only thing is I stopped adding "lah" to the end of every sentence.

3. Do you hope to be married (married again if divorced)?
Not in the near future.

4. If you could take one technology to a desert island (the obvious satellite phone excluded), what would it be?
I wouldn't go to a desert island.

5. What is the last activity you bought a ticket for?
I bought a ticket to park at Hempstead Lake State Park some time in the fall.
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