Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Fursuit Portrait - Session 3

Went to Brooklyn again this afternoon for the third and last portrait painting session with earlyadopter_j. This was an earlier session but I didn't plan any geocaches along the way so I had time to run some errands locally before going to NYC. In particular, I checked my mail box in Park Ridge and found some Dunkin Donut coupons. One of those coupons was for free hash browns. Not being one to pass up free food, I stopped at the Park Ridge Dunkin Donuts and got the hash browns.

Then I headed over to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in rather light traffic. There's something addictive about the Chinese taco place on Manhattan Avenue because that's where I got lunch again. I noticed that there was a farmer's market going on in McCarren Park, so I also got two Rome apples for a dollar.

Met up with Jay at his studio. This was a shorter session because he had already done most of the work in the previous two sessions and he only needed to fix up a few areas on the painting. After that, he declared it finished and we took some pictures of the final result.

I'm happy with the way it turned out and working with Jay was a pleasure. If he's willing, I may do that again with a different character. We'll see.

In the evening, we went to Oasis, an inexpensive Middle-Eastern eatery, for dinner. I had a shawarma plate, which was turkey, lamb, and rice. It was raining tonight, so I chose a geocache in Queens at a location where I could park very close to the cache site. (I'd researched this one by aerial photo beforehand.) The one I did was It was Wally World. It was on the upper parking deck of a strip mall.
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