Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Mill Pond

I hadn't been going grocery shopping much in December. Of course, I wasn't home much either but the pantry still tends to run out of food over time. So triple-coupon week at the A&P came just in time! I wasn't really trying for deep discounts this time. I just picked out the likely coupons. It happened that most of the items I wanted were on sale, so I got $54.25 of groceries for $16.16. I could've gotten a lot more but I'll save some of the shopping for tomorrow or the day after.

I also had a coupon for Quiznos sammies, so I went to the Ramsey Quiznos and got the Alpine Chicken Sammie. A "sammie" is a mini flatbread sandwich. I think it tastes good but the portion size is too small for the price. It's worth trying once with a coupon but I don't think I would get it otherwise.
Tags: a&p, quiznos, sammie, shopping, triple coupon

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