Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Mahwah Ramsey

End of N 12 St

Another day with unseasonably high temperatures. It was 63°F in the afternoon when I headed out for two nearby geocaches that had just shown up in the geocache listings. The first one was It's All in the Name in Finch Park in Ramsey. This was easy. Although the hide was somewhat creative, any geocacher with some experience would think of checking it early in the search. Got FTF on this one and took the FTF prize, which was a geocoin.

Then I went to Humpty Dumpty, a geocache next to the Ridge Road Bike Path in Mahwah. I parked at Darlington County Park to access the bike path. Parking at that park is free during the winter. This geocache took a bit more looking to find because the GPS pointed to a spot 50 feet beyond the cache site. However, it was easy to find when I was looking at the correct part of the wall. I was also FTF on this cache and picked up another FTF geocoin.

I considered not taking that second prize because it could be seen as bogarting the FTF prizes. However, I don't suppose it matters much. Both prizes are unactivated geocoins, which I'll be activating and placing in caches anyway. So it's not a net gain to me, other than that I'll be tracking two more geocoins under my account.

Taking care of some Postcrossing-related matters this evening. I'm now at 202 postcards sent and 189 received. What's interesting is, if that's what the ID numbers mean, I was the one who sent the 150,000th postcard from the US. Hope that card arrives safely.
Tags: geocaching, geocoins, mahwah, postcrossing, ramsey

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