Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Park Ridge Pants Purchase

Wood Dale County Park

Still sunny this afternoon but not as hot. 50°F. Another day, another two geocaches. The first one was The Rhodo Ranger in a residential area in Park Ridge. It was on private property but hidden with permission. Even knowing that permission had been granted didn't help much because it still felt a bit creepy puttering around on someone's yard. Fortunately, the cache was right at the edge so I didn't have to step off the road. It's strange that I had trepidations about this cache. Last Summer, one of the caches I found in Central Pennsylvania was in the cache owner's garage and I had no problem at all going for that one. Even met the guy because he was just coming home at the time when I was there.

The second of the two was Tiny Stash Tree Cache in Wood Dale County Park in Woodcliff Lake. It was in a fairly open area of the park but off the beaten path.

This evening, I finally did the monthly (I think I skipped December though) mall errand trip to Palisades Center. I saw that Jo-Ann Etc, the crafts store, was going out of business and had discounts as high as 75% but they didn't have very much left that was of interest. Target, although not going out of business (yet), also had a significant number of items at 75% off. (Lots of overstock, so Target may have had disappointing sales during the holiday shopping season.) In particular, they had some $5 jackets and $6 pants. How could I resist? While trying on those $6 pants in the fitting room, I was surprised to discover that my pants size had gone down from 42 to 40. Even size 40 was loose, so it could be even lower than that, but the size-40 pants was what I bought. I think I first noticed the reduction in waistline while on my December Delaware trip when I had to stop in the middle of a hike and adjust my belt to keep my pants from falling to my ankles. In Newark, DE, if you drop your pants in the park, you run the risk of sending the wrong signals. :)
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